Salt Of The Earth | Group Elimination Program – Introductory Meeting
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Group Elimination Program – Introductory Meeting

Group Elimination Program – Introductory Meeting

January 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Salt of the Earth Center for Healing
811 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Chestnut Ridge
NY 10977
Salt of the Earth Center for Healing
Group Elimination Program - Introductory Meeting @ Salt of the Earth Center for Healing

Are you looking to make a change for a healthier new year?  Are you aware that food can be a source of inflammation, causing headache, bloating, brain fog, joint pain, heartburn, weight gain & even diseases like diabetes, lupus, arthritis, & other autoimmune diseases?

In this group program, we will use the Functional Medicine Elimination Food Plan* to remove commonly sensitive foods for 21 days, then bring them back one by one to see how our bodies, mind & spirit respond.  It’s an experiment to find your best health!

During this 8-week program, you’ll work with Susan (Functional Medicine Chiropractor) and Sheryl (Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach) and learn about the impact food has on your health.  You’ll have access to information about the Elimination Food Plan from the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as recipes and food lists to facilitate the process.

Join us for an introductory meeting on Tuesday, January 15th and learn about our Elimination Program. If at that time you would like to make a commitment, you can sign up that evening and receive all the materials needed.

1/15 (Tues.) – Introductory meeting
1/29 (Tues.) – Pre-elimination meeting
2/1 (Fri.) – Start 21-day elimination
2/7 (Thurs.) – 7-day check-in meeting
2/19 (Tues.) 19-day check-in and intro to challenge phase meeting
2/22 (Fri.) – Start challenge phase
3/5  (Tue.) – Challenge check-in meeting
3/14 (Thurs.) Conclusion meeting

Cost: $150 (pre-payment required.  No refunds)

* Not a weight loss program.