Salt Of The Earth | cbd consultation
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cbd consultation

Susan Toron, DC, AFMCP & Sheryl Silver, FMCHC

CBD Consultation

At Salt of the Earth, Susan and Sheryl help clients understand the possible benefits of CBD and take the time to explain how to use it safely and effectively. CBD has become a major offering in the health and wellness industry in recent years. Unfortunately, along with the popularity comes a lot of misinformation and products of varying quality. At Salt of the Earth, Susan and Sheryl have spent the time researching CBD – how it’s made, what the potential benefits are and how best to use it, based on the individual’s needs. In the process, they’ve investigated many products to establish the brands they are comfortable carrying at their center. As one of their many monthly special events, they hold a free CBD workshop to share the information they’ve learned with you. They also meet with clients individually for a more personalized experience.


For more information and to sign up for a workshop, call the center at 845-290-0678.