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our goal

To bring to the community a variety of natural healing treatments that complement traditional therapies in order to meet our client’s health and wellness needs.   

Susan Toron DC, AFMCP

Sheryl Silver MS, FMCA Health Coach


After 25+ years in the health field, Susan and Sheryl have combined forces to open a Himalayan salt cave and healing center.  They both bring their own passions and skills to this exciting venture. At Salt of the Earth, Center for Healing, Susan will combine her practice of health, wellness, nutrition and Chiropractic with the benefits of a Himalayan salt cave.  Sheryl’s  personal experience using natural therapies for her own cancer treatment motivated her to become a certified health coach in order to share her knowledge and experience with others.  

They are excited to bring their salt cave and center for healing to the Rockland and Bergen County communities.