Salt Of The Earth | faq
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What time should I arrive for my Salt/Halotherapy Session?

It is highly recommended that you arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  This will give you time to check-in, pay, fill out paperwork as well as visit the restroom, in order to ensure an uninterrupted session in the Salt Cave.

Am I alone in the salt cave?

Up to 8 people can participate in a single session.

Due to continuing efforts to provide distance between patrons, we are currently limiting the number of people in the cave to 6.

Are food or drinks allowed during the Salt/Halotherapy?

No food or any  beverages are permitted in the Salt Cave.  If there is a medical condition that demands the use of water during the Salt session, accommodations can be made.

Can I use my cell phone in the salt cave?

Cell phones must be turned off or left outside the cave, so as not to disturb others who are trying to relax.

Can I bring my own music and headphones in the salt cave?

Yes.  A relaxing soundtrack is provided in the salt cave during the 45-minute session, however you are welcome to bring your own music, provided it is not played loud enough that others can hear it emanating from your headphones.

I am claustrophobic. Will I feel cramped?

Our cave is 300 square feet and very roomy, but please feel free to stop in to see it before a session to make sure you will be comfortable.

What if I arrive late?

Sessions begin promptly on the hour and are 45 minutes long. Arriving on time for your session is imperative. Once the session has begun, out of respect for others, we do not interrupt the session. If you cannot arrive on time, we recommend rescheduling for the next available opening.

Is it okay to wear a fragrance in the salt cave?

We request that you not wear any type of fragrance in the salt cave.  It is a therapeutic environment, especially for those with respiratory issues and any type of fragrance may prove harmful.

Are children allowed in the salt cave?

Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult. The adult is free when accompanying a child under 12 and under.

How many salt cave sessions will I need before I experience the benefits?

The benefits of salt cave therapy depend on each individual’s needs.  You need to listen to your body and respond to how you feel after each session.  Depending on your health, it may take a few sessions before seeing maximum results.

What can I expect during the Salt/Halotherapy session?

A dry throat is sometimes experienced, this is a normal effect of the aerosol created by the salt generator.  This aerosol consists of micron sized salt particles which serve to break up mucus and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Who should not do Salt/Halotherapy?

We recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any concerns before starting Salt/Halotherapy.  People not advised to do Salt therapy are those experiencing:  infections accompanied by fever, active tuberculosis, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol and/or drug intoxication and those currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.

How does Salt/Halotherapy work?

● Aside from the already rich Himalayan Salt, which is the only salt to boast the 84 elements our body consists of, a salt generator crushes white Himalayan salt comprised of 99.8% sodium chloride into micron-sized dry aerosol particles that are inhaled.   Pink Himalayan salt particles have anti-inflammatory properties which open the airways and reduce or eliminate mucus from the lungs. Salt/Halotherapy is based on salt’s natural anti-microbial properties and the negative ions it produces. The rich negative ion effect can be felt in nature in places like the ocean and near waterfalls. Our micro climate of negative ions and abundant minerals packs the benefits of three days at the ocean into a 45-minute session. In this day and age, we are exposed to a barrage of electromagnetic fields that produce positive ions such as from TV’s, cell phones, computers, power lines, appliances, etc. Himalayan salt’s natural production of negative ions benefits the whole body system and combats the effects of free radicals (positive ions) from our environment.

Who can benefit from Salt/Halotherapy?

Anyone can benefit thanks to Salt/Halotherapy’s mood and immune enhancing effects. More specifically, Salt/Halotherapy can be a great benefit to those who suffer from but not limited to the following conditions: Allergies asthma, acne, immune system deficiencies, respiratory conditions, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, colds and flu, cough, eczema, nasal congestion, sinus infections, and snoring.

What should I wear during the Salt/Halotherapy Session?

Wear comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxing session.  The Salt Cave maintains a temperature of approximately 72F and 40-50% humidity.  It is suggested to wear clean white socks to protect your feet, as the coarse salt on the floor may feel abrasive for some people.  We provide white socks for those who need them.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Scheduled sessions are reserved for you and a 24 hour advance notice of cancellation is appreciated.